Individual Endorsements

Giving heart's substance,
with strategic results.

The constant financial and scheduling requests of individuals can be overwhelming. While charitable contribution opportunities are endless, budgeted resources should be highly focused and strategic towards nonprofit organizations that are researched, respected and, most importantly, aligned with the individual’s passionate beliefs.

I contacted Lisa Dietlin when my job was relocated and I decided to make a move from the for profit to the nonprofit sector after 31 years working in the corporate world. I had seen Lisa interviewed various times on WGN News in Chicago and knew that she was an expert in the field of nonprofits and philanthropy. She took me on as a client for a few months and taught me how to plan and prepare for a transition to an encore career in the nonprofit field. I achieved this by using her book, The Power of Three to help me accomplish my daily short term and long term career goals which I'll continue to use moving forward.


Thank you for agreeing to complete The Power of Three book study via Skype with my Leadership Class. The strategies as well as the lessons learned from this experience have already changed the way my high school students approach the tasks they are given. It makes me smile when I hear them using verbiage and quotes from your book.


Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to read your fantastic book. I learned the most effective ways to reach my goals and I learned it pays to talk with everyone I meet. Thanks to the Power of 3, I will stop procrastinating, stay positive and starting doing the things I dread the most. I appreciated every moment of this experience and I can’t thank you enough.


I learned a lot about life by your book. I greatly appreciate you spending time with us every week….because I know with The Power of Three I can be a successful business woman.


Thank you for showing me I can do anything I want! Reading this book, I have realized all life has to offer me if I would just change my attitude and act on all the opportunities life throws at me. Thank you once again, and you have forever impacted my life!


I'm working with Lisa Dietlin on a project I have envisioned for a long time. It is a toolkit for artists for "Philanthropic Touring," whereby an artist is able to generate much more energy around their performances and leave each town having benefited one or more local charities in a win-win situation for everyone. Lisa's focus and imagination is helping me to put this vision into reality.

Beth Nielsen Chapman
Performer & Songwriter

Lisa Dietlin has that rare blend of entrepreneurial spirit and big business savvy that enables her to be successful in any organization committed to success.

Stedman Graham
Founder & CEO
S. Graham & Associates

Lisa Dietlin is a hands-on, resourceful professional who gets results. I know because I worked with her for over four years at UIC (The University of Illinois at Chicago). The transformational changes she produced were very impressive.

Marshall Marcovitz
Founder & Former CEO
Chef's Catalog

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