Frequently Asked Questions

What is LMDA?

LMDA (Lisa M. Dietlin and Associates, Inc.) is a philanthropic consulting firm that assists entrepreneurial individuals, nonprofit organizations and corporations in developing transformational philanthropic strategies.

LMDA specializes in tailored Major Gift Strategies, Interim Staffing, Strategic Planning, Board Development/Training, Campaign Counsel and Coaching for individuals and teams. LMDA offers many other services listed on the website.

What doesn’t LMDA do?

LMDA will not directly raise money. LMDA will guide, direct and coach fundraising strategies.

Who are LMDA’s clients and who can benefit from LMDA’s services?

Anyone or any entity that needs philanthropic direction will benefit from LMDA’s services; this includes nonprofit organizations, individuals and corporations.

What are the fees?

General consulting fees start at $275/hour. Administrative fees start at $75/hour. Grant writing fees start at $95 per hour. The final fee is determined based upon the specific project.

How long will the project/contract last?

Projects generally last from 60 days to multiple years depending on the scope of the work.

How do I get started?

Contact LMDA to discuss your needs. Once your needs are determined an LMDA Associate will draw up a proposal. Once you accept the proposal a contract will be written.

When can LMDA start with me/my company?

LMDA can begin work as soon as a signed contract and a first payment are received.

How can I contact LMDA?

LMDA can be reached at 773.772.4465 or through the website at LMDA is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and works with clients nationwide.